Forgetting Sarah Marshall

July 7, 2008 at 11:21 am (feminism, men hate you, movies) (, , )

Wow. Memo to movie makers. We know that men hate us. Women are well aware of it. We do not need to see all levels of misogyny displayed in a feature length film. STOP IT.

Is anyone else getting sick of seeing Giant Babies (TM) playing out their fantasies of misogyny and calling it a ‘movie’?


An overgrown Giant Baby (TM) ending up with his choice of two fabulous, gorgeous women pining after him? Does this happen in real life???

In one part Rachel jumps into the water from a cliff and yells back to Jason \ “I can see your pussy” because he won’t jump in. See, if you’re scared of heights, you must have girl parts because girls are bad and so is being scared of heights. And nevermind that the woman was the one who jumped in, it’s clearly because she’s ‘unique’. This makes me bitter.

Another scene has the two of them in a bar and Jason offers to go get the round of drinks and Rachel says “you don’t have to dote on me, I’m not that kind of girl”. See that ladies? THAT’s the problem with relationships these days. How dare you expect some attention and special treatment. You should all learn to not be high maintenance.

And the last thing I’m even going to bother with in this movie: the boobie wall. In one of the bars, behind the urinal, the wall is covered in photos of women flashing their tits. This alone is bad enough. Rachel, the ‘love interest’, is on the wall because her ex boyfriend tricked her into it whilst she was drunk and the male owner of the bar refused to let her take it down. Isn’t it a cute story??

Them oral of the movie: Be sure to understand that men hate you. Don’t ever forget that. And if you do ever start to forget, this movie will help you remember.

Anyone else seen it? Leave thoughts in the comments



  1. Spiders said,

    Hey Sigh just checking out your blog. I haven’t actually seen the movie but I am pretty fed up with the movies in general right now.

    I think we need a rad fem campaign to boycott movies.

  2. whyimbitter said,

    Spiders, I think that campaign might mean we radfems never get to go to the movies again!
    But I definitely agree with the fed up with movies part.

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