Doctors suck.

July 8, 2008 at 6:41 am (doctors) ()

I really REALLY wish that doctors would stop asking me if I’m pregnant. Honestly, every visit I’ve made to a doctor that wasn’t MY doctor and wasn’t my psychologist, the question has come up. I get that their job would be so much easier if I was pregnant and they didn’t have to deal with actually diagnosing me, BUT I’M NOT!

The doctor I visited last week asked me, then spent a period of five minutes trying to ascertain from me whether I was absolutely sure I wasn’t. I went in to see the doctor because I have cold symptoms. Last time I checked teh babehs don’t cause your nose to run.

Stupid doctors.


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  1. Spiders said,

    I think they ask because if you were then there are certain things they can’t prescribe for you and as the owner of a uterus you are duty bound to keep your tools of reproduction in good shape.
    The Patriarchy actually need you to reproduce more females to be oppressed and more males to do the oppressing.

    One time a pompous quack asked me that intrusive question about I might be hiding from him in my womb, I said “Oh don’t worry, even if I was I’d be getting an abortion anyway.”
    He just blinked really hard and went on as if I hadn’t said anything at all.

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