Gang Rape and the Patriarchy

July 8, 2008 at 7:06 am (Rapists, smh) (, )

If this doesn’t make you even slightly bitter, you will never understand why I am.

Convicted rapist Bilal Skaf claims his name is so synonymous with a Sydney gang sex crime he will never be able to get a fair trial.

Wow. Don’t we all feel sorry for the poor rapist whose name is now associated with THE CRIME HE COMMITTED. And how exactly is a trial unfair when HE COMMITTED THE CRIME??

And the 26-year-old is asking the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal to reduce his sentence, saying his victim – who was held at gunpoint and raped by up to 14 men – suffered no significant harm.

I’m sorry but if you think that poor poor woman suffered no significant harm, you deserve a much much harsher sentence than a maximum of 55 years. That is quite possibly the biggest load of misogynist shit I’ve read in a long time. Not to mention admitting at this point that you actually did the crime kinda ruins your claim of an unfair trial. Also, even in this situation women aren’t free of labels that mark them as belonging to men. In this case she is ‘his victim’. Screw the patriarchy.

The article goes on to say he’s not just trying to get his sentence REDUCED but that he’s actually trying to get it ANNULLED. This total waste of space thinks he actually deserves to get off the hook because there was no sustained physical harm to the victim???

Skaf’s barrister Andrew Haesler SC said “unremitting” publicity had etched Skaf into the public imagination, making it impossible to find an impartial jury.

So this poor little man is finding it hard to find a bunch of people who don’t hate him for what he put the victim through? My heart, it bleeds. Anyone else shocked to find out his defender is also male?

shit like this makes me bitter. Next time someone asks me why I’m bitter, this story may go some way towards explaining it.


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  1. Spiders said,

    I’m pretty sure Andrew Haesler was one of knobs who defended some of the K brothers in their trials for gang rape, too.

    I’m confused by this though. His trial is over and he’s been sentenced so what does it matter to him that his name is tainted unless he’s planning to commit more crimes?

    Also, the name Bilal is a common one in his culture so if we follow his twisted path of logic he has effectively tainted the names of who knows how many other people, which surely is grounds for all the Bilals in Australia to take legal action against the poor little poppet.

    I’d love to pay a visit to Andrew Haesler.

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