Major Newspaper gets it right (almost)

July 17, 2008 at 11:45 am (exploitation, smh) (, , )

for once.

An article discussing PETA’s misogynistic tactics. It doesn’t condemn the sexism enough for my taste, but it is a mainstream newspaper.

At this point I’ll take what I can get.



  1. palmtrees said,

    Hi whyimbitter

    We had this debate years ago about using women in the same way in a publicity campaign. It is hardly a novel idea.

    Although it did occur to me that there could be a double irony. Women and animals are both abused and neither should be treated as slabs of meat… Who knows?

    Given that I’m in a big minority as a vegetarian feminist I doubt many other people will look at it that way.


    (Catch you later)

  2. whyimbitter said,

    Hey palmtrees,

    yeah I’ve seen the debate happen around the blogosphere, although I’ve never joined in.

    I’ve never seen a mainstream newspaper admit that it’s sexist though. Mostly the newspapers (here at the very least), are conservative and right wing and don’t believe anything is sexist. Except when it’s “reverse sexism”

    In terms of being a vegetarian/vegan and a feminist? I see no conflict there at all, although I know there have been big debates about it.

    And I agree with your point about abuse. I just don’t think that’s the message being conveyed with these campaigns.

    (thanks for visiting! 🙂 )

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