Oh Brother

August 4, 2008 at 8:24 am (Giant Babies, idiots, male privilege, personal) (, )

My brother’s 23rd birthday is coming up at the start of September. A month ago he told me he was planning it with someone from his work and confirmed the date it would be on. The date he picked is particularly heinous for me as I have a uni thing on all day. It’s about 6 hours straight of classes. Not lectures, actual tutorials that need me to think and debate and discuss. But, that’s one person on his whole guest list, so that’s ok, I can deal.

Yesterday he tells me that nothing has been planned and he can’t be bothered and he can’t even decide between just going to the pub, or going somewhere for dinner first. So my sister and I spent half an hour on the phone going through options and coming up with the perfect night. My brother decides he doesn’t like the suburb we picked and that he’d prefer to do it in the city. He also said he’ll have to check with the girl at work and if she doesn’t have any ideas, we’ll just go to [pub x]. This really irritated me so I threw the towel in there and told him he was on his own.

Today, he sends me an email and copies in this girl from work and my sister and says ‘organise anything as long as it’s in the city’

I’m so close to throwing something at his head, it’s not even funny. Giant Babies oozing with white male Privilege make me sick. Even when they’re relatives.


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