Leaving This Relationship

August 7, 2008 at 4:08 am (idiots, Nigel, personal) ()

I’m currently looking at rental properties in a bid to move out from my partner. I need to do this for my mental health. It’s something that a lot of people are encouraging and/or supporting.


There are a great deal of people in my life who are actively encouraging me to give Nigel another chance. They say things like ‘oh poor [nigel]’ and ‘what will [nigel] do when you move out?’ and are pointing to the problems they know about and saying that they are only small, or that every man is like that or any one of a myriad of excuses.

Why? Why can’t people in this society accept that I need to move out and break up? And even if there was no NEED for it, why can none of them accept that maybe I just want to be single? Maybe it’s got nothing to do with HIM or US, maybe it’s just over.

It’s hard. To go through everyday dealing with these comments, and then go home and have him smile and want to hug. To stick by my resolve to get out when I know that no other rental place will be as good as my current place, in my price range, and not a house share. Why can’t they just accept that this happens sometimes?


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