August 12, 2008 at 12:45 pm (arsehats, emails, feminism, idiots, men hate you) (, , )

Today I received an email from my brother that proved once and for all what a humorless feminist I am.

Below the fold and image heavy

Am I supposed to laugh at this? IsS he not aware that I’m a feminist, or does he think I’m an “ugly bitch”? Did his male privilege let him think about this at all before sending it? Or before laughing at it?

… just. not. funny.

Ahh because the ability to shove a beer bottle into your mouth automatically means you give good head, and of course that would equal true love. And again, no idea why my brother would send this to me and think I would find it funny. For this picture I want to smack him upside the head. Nothing like reducing women to the pleasures they can give to men to put the bitches back in their place right?

racism, steroetyping and objectification in one caption/photo combo. Super trifecta on that one.

Some fat shaming thrown into the email for good measure.

And just in case you felt left out, some fashion shaming, and from the looks of it, some money shaming as well.

More fat shaming, just in case some of you missed it in the first picture.

So, dear readers, am I a humorless feminist or is this email completely and totally unfunny? Also, is my brother an idiot that can learn or an idiot that needs to be smacked upside the head every day til I get bored with it?


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