Trapped in a relationship

August 18, 2008 at 11:48 am (arsehats, bullying, feminism, men hate you) (, , )

This morning as I drove to work, the tape connected to my mp3 player stopped working again and forced me to listen to the hell that is morning radio. Today they were talking about pre nups and desperately trying to get someone who had one to call in.*

One lady rang in and said that her pregnant daughter had signed a contract to forfeit all rights on the child if the relationship ends. There are so many horrible aspects to this I’m not sure I know where to start. Things have gone sour in said relationship and that poor woman is now stuck with this horrible man because she signed this stupid contract. I’m not sure why she signed it, but to question that falls too far into the ‘victim-blaming’ category so lets not go there.

And please note the wording I’ve used up there. It’s not if she leaves the guy, it’s if the relationship ends. So he can choose to walk away and keep the child at any point, but she is forever stuck with him if she wants access to her own child. THE ONE INSIDE HER. Obviously it won’t be inside her when this becomes a bigger issue, but the point is she’s carrying it for nine freaking months. She’s the one who has to put the most effort into bringing this child into the world and looking after it for at least the first year. It’s arguable who will put the effort in after that, but since he can’t breastfeed, you can guarantee she’ll be doing the work at first.

Does this horrify and anger the rest of you? I wish I knew more details about her so I could help her in whatever way possible.

*Sidenote: they kept saying that there was the celebrity world and the “real” world. Are we all that disconnected? I know they’re talking in metaphors and whatever, but still. Celebrities are real. They live in the real world. It’s a very different environment to where we all live, but it’s still real.


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