Grey’s Anatomy – Post the first

August 26, 2008 at 5:00 am (feminism, tv shows)

I recently rewatched the first three episodes of this show, and wow did they ever Get It back then.  There are a few things overall I have problems with, but mostly it was pretty damn excellent.  So, the problems:

– In one episode Meredith and George are looking at the newborn babies and Meredith calls George a ‘woman’ because he’s cooing at them.  Just no.  Totally not cool.

– All of the most important people in the hospital are male.  The one female head of department they (eventually) get is head of Obgyn.  I don’t even care if this is an accurate portrayal, it wouldn’t have killed them to have more female power in the hospital.

– My biggest, hugest, most insurmountable problem with this show is Derek Shepherd.  He is not ‘McDreamy’ he is an arse-tiara and a bully.  His treatment of Meredith from the start is enough to earn him an arse kicking, and instead he gets people fawning and sighing all over him.  Yuck. 

The scene where Meredith is giving Alex Karev (another arse tiara, but at least we’re meant to think of him as such) a much needed slapdown in the locker room is where Derek really pisses me off in these three episodes.  Referring to her as having ‘tiny ineffectual fists’ when she’s just slammed Karev against the lockers is ridiculous.  Yes she is quite small, but where the hell does he get off referring to her like this??  He says it almost mockingly as if referring to a previous conversation, but no one else has referred to them like this prior to him saying it.  Is it just his waty of reasserting himself as the dominant one?  By calling her fists tiny and ineffectual, his must be big and effective right?  He brings this description up again in a list of what he likes about her.  That’s surely something to make my knees weak for a guy – hearing them say they like me because I have weak and ineffectual fists. 

At the end of that scene Meredith says “I’m still not going to go out with you” and he responds with “yet.” No Hollywood, no.  Being stalked is not cute, romantic, fun or the stuff of fantasies.  I’m pretty sure it’s actually a felony.  Painting McDreamy as both a stalker and as romantic makes me sick. 

There will be more rants filled with Derek hate as I make my way through three seasons worth of episodes I’m sure.


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