Nigel woes return with a bang

August 27, 2008 at 2:50 am (Giant Babies, Nigel, personal)

I knew that posting anything good about my relationship would backfire.  Specifically that tempting fate by writing how good he’s been lately would be my undoing.  How absolutely right I was.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was meant to be the first day of a week and a half of forced annual leave for him.  The shop he works in is closed for renovations for that period and so he gets a break.  Except that this morning he had to go into work to do something with the stock that apparently the owner/manager didn’t want to interupt HIS holidays for. 

When I got home from work – via train and taxi because someone forgot to pick me up – he was asleep.  He had once again not done the grocery shopping, folded the clean washing or done the ironing.  These things have been waiting since Sunday for him to do, and he hasn’t done them yet.  The whole reason I had to spend the night being talked down to by manly tech dudes who clearly know more than I do about computers is because it’s another thing on his to do list he didn’t do while I was at work.  Then I noticed the number of missed calls on his phone was 3.  I had called him more than three times during the course of the day.  So clearly he had been awake at some point during the day, he just couldn’t be bothered answering/returning my calls or completeing any of the housework items.  I might add that there’s a massive pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, and the room in general is in disarray.  Neither of these things were on his ‘to-do list’ but it’s amazing how quickly they would have been done if it was MY day off. 

In fact, on my days off, he gives me crap if I’m still in bed past 9am.  Nevermind that I stay up til about 3am trying to get as much done as possible whenever I can.  In fact tonight after work I got more done than he did all day.

And all of this from the guy who harrasses me every time the cleaners come because he doesn’t think we need them.  And why would he think we need cleaners??  HE wouldn’t have to pick up the slack left by getting rid of the cleaners.

The quicker I get out the door, the less I’m going to need the anti depressants my doctor wants to give me.


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