September 2, 2008 at 3:13 am (smh) ()

This is crap.

“I don’t know why some people have children at all if they know that they can only take a few weeks off work,” she said.

Really Mem Fox? You have no idea why this might happen? REALLY??? You are so wrapped up in your privileged world that you have NO IDEA why some people would have children without being able to take “enough” time off work to look after them?
For anyone who didn’t follow the link – they’re talking about young infants, but they go on to mean anyone under two or three. Can any of my readers afford to take THREE years off work to look after someone? Someone who is adding to your financial burdens not detracting from them?

She does gain more credibility at the end of the article though with this:

She said a solution to the problem was for the government to redirect the money it provided to childcare providers to families so parents could afford to choose whether to remain at home or not, free of financial pressures.



  1. Madeleine Childcare said,

    For most parents, childcare is the biggest financial burden of having children. Madeleine Childcare

  2. whyimbitter said,

    This may be true, but it’s not the only financial burden. And I would highly doubt if childcare cost more than the second income.

  3. Y said,

    Well we all know, childcare expenses are calculated as a woman’s expense not a man’s (and men earn more than women) so it’s not surprising that some women are unable to continue with their career due to financial discrimination in the patriarchy.
    It’s all about ‘working mothers’ I’ve never heard of an opinion piece getting all heavy on ‘working fathers’ why is that exactly?
    great blog by the way 🙂

    • whyimbitter said,

      thank you 🙂

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