September 29, 2008 at 1:54 pm (equal opportunity, ethical buying choices, exploitation, feminism, men hate you, Rapists) (, , , , )

Corona is joining the list with Ryanair and Nestle.

It’s cheating because I hate beer anyway, but I’ll still do it.

Ok I know beer ads have a long anti women history. I know. And see Corona, I get that you think you were being equal when you tried to have two posters, one with a woman, one with a man. You failed.

I wish I could link to the two posters, but I can’t find pictures of them anywhere. It’s a shame. If anyone reading this is going to be at Ciampino airport anytime soon, take a photo for me please? thanks.

So, the posters. One is of a man in board shorts with a Corona in his hand and his top flying off him in pieces as if it’s been ripped.

The other is of a woman in a top with her jackets doing the same thing as the man’s and two corona bottles being clicked together in front of it.

They both say “Corona: it’s only the beginning”.

so you can clearly see the effort to not bee seen as offensive. Note, they didn’t try not to be offensive, just not to be seen that way. The woman was even left with her top on, all private parts completely covered up.

But there are two bottles in hers. Her strip show is for someone. There is a gaze on her toasting another bottle to the fact that her clothes are coming off. And women being drugged, or purposely fed alcohol to get them blind drunk so they can be raped is a very real and common problem. This ad is not cool. It is also not on the same wavelength as the men’s ad. Not even close.

Nice try Corona, but I see through it. And in my sleep deprived brain at 6am, I still managed to see through it and analyse it out enough to know what disturbed me about those ads. And I’ve never been used in that manner. You failed.

Go join your two new best friends. You won’t be welcome in my house anymore.


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