General State of Being and Nigel Update

September 29, 2008 at 1:19 pm (Giant Babies, Nigel, personal)

I feel fantastic. The other night, I felt content. It has been so long since I’ve felt this good, I’m not sure I trust it to last. Problems and mishaps are being kept in perspective and not bothering me as much. I am overall feeling a hundred times better than I did before I left on my trip.

The problem is, dealing with Nigel is making me annoyed. He was left with four things to get done in my absence. He had two full weeks to achieve the following list:

1) call the shop I bought my bed off and arrange pick up
2) deliver the late fathers day present to my dad
3) call my mum and organise a return of the emergency funds she forwarded to me
4) burn a copy of a set of DVDs we have.

Now these may seem like things that are my job to deal with given that they mostly serve my purposes more than his. However, given the number of things I do for him in the course of a normal week, it’s not asking much. And also given that I somehow found time in my overly packed schedule to spend more than a few hours at his parents house on father’s day, item two would have been the least he could do. And he agreed to all four things multiple times. Imagine my surprise to get home and find he’d done none of it.

If you’re imagining correctly, you’ll realise I wasn’t surprised at all. Despite him being amazingly supportive during my loneliest moments overseas, he still can’t get it together enough to help out. And the house was a shit heap when I got home.

I hate coming home to find the house is a mess.

It did strengthen my resolve to move out though. And I have found a place so now it’s a matter of time and effort and money and co ordination. It should be fixable within a fortnight at the most.


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  1. PT said,

    good luck

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