September 29, 2008 at 1:04 pm (arsehats, ethical buying choices, exploitation, feminism, men hate you) (, , , )

My plane trip from Rome to Frankfurt was the first time I’ve ever flown Ryanair. It will also be the last. Besides being utterly and unforgivably rude to their customers, they are misogynistic. A calendar of their air hostesses in their bikinis? Are you freaking kidding me Ryanair? I don’t care how cheap your tickets are, the cost is too high.

And I don’t care how cheap the services are, being rude to paying customers is unforgivable and uncalled for.

You are now officially on my Grrrlcott list. Say hello to Nestle while you’re there.


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  1. brat said,

    Oh, I love this. I *know* (virtually, although I appreciate it is unnecessary to make the distinction) a total male arsehole – one of those words is probably superfluous – who flies for Ryanair.

    So this just confirms all my ghastly stereotypical assumptions about a) him and b) ryanair.

    Thanks whyi’mbitter.


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