October 3, 2008 at 11:05 am (feminism, office) ()

My name is one that society deems as a “female” one. However, it can, and is, shortened to one that is commonly deemed to be a “male” one. On everything at work I’m labeled with the shortened name. It has become my name in a way as people rarely use the longer one. I rarely use it myself.

But why does that mean everyone assumes I’m male? The number of emails I get that say “hi boys”, Mr [last name], or something along those lines is huge. Worse is when I’m away from work for a day, a customer asks for me, and the other account managers refer to me as a ‘he’. It causes confusion and makes my customers lose faith that their messages are getting passed on and that they’ve called the right place.

Why do people assume? I always try my best to say ‘they’ or ‘your account manager’ to avoid this. Apparently no one else has the same sense.


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