The Job Market and Women

October 31, 2008 at 8:47 am (feminism, office) ()

Recently a recruitment company contacted me and asked if I’m looking for a new job.  As it turns out, I’m not.  I’m also not 100% happy in my new job so I decided to apply to get the practice and see what they were offering.

In my interview confirmation email, a pamphlet on dressing for success was included.  Here’s some of the gems of advice I was offered:

“Women who wear make-up earn 23% more than those who donʼt, according to research. Lipstick is a bare essential”

“At a minimum your dress for success wardrobe should include: A well-fitting skirt suit, an elegant
top or a smart shirt, pantyhose, leather bag, nice folder, quality pen, simple accessories & court shoes.”

“If your hair is not right, you wonʼt look your best regardless how hard you try. Find the style that works for you. If you are young & fun, keep it neat. Over 40? Keep it short.”

“Always wear pantyhose even in summer.”

“Accessories are important in finishing off the look. Remember though anything that dangles, moves or distracts attention in any other way is not appropriate. Less is more!”

“You can tell a professional by her hands. Visit a manicure salon or do your own. The devil is in the detail.”

“The more skin you show, the cheaper your look. Beware of plunging necklines, open-toe shoes, bare  shoulders and exposed midriffs. If your skirt length is two fingers above the knee, leave it for the night club.”
Those tips are out of this world.  Lipstick is a BARE ESSENTIAL?  In what universe is LIPSTICK an ESSENTIAL?!  And manicured nails for a job interview? Seriously?  I don’t think I want to work for a company that thinks this shit is a necessary part of looking presentable for a female.  And unfortunately there’s no way for me to decipher if these instructions are from the recruitment company or the company I’m interviewing for.

I wonder what kind of tips they send to teh menz?


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  1. Jezebella said,

    That has GOT to be from the recruiting company. Did they come out of a time warp, where it’s 1958? Jeez. Since you’re not really on the market, I’d ask your contact how long they’ve used that particular pamphlet, does it represent the policies of the companies they represent, and ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?

    Apparently one is either “young and fun” or “over 40”. Because, you know, women over 40? We’re No Fun. “research” says so. Gah.

    They probably tell the dudes to take a shower and wear a tie.

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