Update on what’s happening here

January 14, 2009 at 8:04 pm (Uncategorized) ()

UPDATE:  I’ve now made the majority of my posts public.  However, posts about co-workers, birth control, Nigel woes, medical issues etc, will remain private for at least another week.  In February I’ll reassess where I stand and what I want public.


Silence for a few months, then all my posts disappear.

Not long after returning from my first trip to Europe in September, Nigel went looking for, and found, my blog.  Besides all other issues this raised between us, it left me feeling unmotivated to post.

Recently I’ve started to feel the motivation rising again.  However, another entitled male in my life went hunting for this and has appeared to found it.

I may start another blog one day.  I may continue this one.  I WILL continue posting on the forums that led me to blogging.  Those are at least safe from prying eyes, one is almost entirely safe from MALE eyes.

Until I decide what to do, everything’s private.  Invites can be applied for by emailing me, contacting me on any forum you’ve met me on, or posting in the comments on this post.

Beyond that, I hope the men in my life are happy.  It sure makes me feel good about keeping them around.  /sarcasm


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