smh gets it VERY wrong

January 15, 2009 at 2:36 pm (abuse, arsehats, men hate you, Rapists, smh) (, , , , )

Dear Reporters at smh (specifically, Chris Johnston and his editors, but y’all can feel free to pay attention),

When you are reporting on the rape of a child that spanned four years of her life, starting at age 14, it is NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, ok to report it as a ‘sexual relationship’. 

It is rape.  It is pedophilia.  It is a horrible disgusting thing that should never have been done to somebody, let alone perpetrated by someone in a position of care over the child. 

And no, I don’t care if you were merely reporting what the school friends told you.  Still not appropriate.  It’s not a consenting sexual relationship between two adults.  (Also, given that you didn’t use quote marks around the phrase, you can’t claim you’re just reporting a straight quote).

Get your act together smh.  This is unacceptable and disappointing. 

Sincerely pissed off,


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  1. palmtrees said,

    Don’t blame the messenger/smh. They are reporting what was said in court, and it is reported speech, hence no quote marks. It’s how court cases are normally reported. I doubt NSW is much different to the UK.

    And they are legally bound to report accurately what was said.

    The blame is with society and the patriarchy that people feel they should describe it as a ‘sexual relationship’ rather than the abuse, rape and paedophilia (up to the age of consent – 16 in NSW?) that any relationship – like the one alleged in the article – surely is.


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