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January 20, 2009 at 11:18 pm (arsehats, feminism, idiots, male privilege) (, )

Alright here’s the scoop for all you men out there who think you’re allies.*

Making misogynistic comments and then laughing at the look on the face of the closest feminist, and laughing at her as she starts a rant is not the behaviour of an ally. It hurts the cause more than you realise. It also shows that you’re an arsehole. Stop it.

If you truly honestly think you’re a feminist ally, and please don’t call yourself a feminist**, then ACT LIKE ONE. It is NOT funny to say hateful mean shit and then laugh at the reaction.

If you really agree with feminist thought, you’d know how horrible this shit is.  Just. Stop. It.

*Blame Scrubs for the wording there.  It’s a damn addictive show and I’m almost finished watching Season 2 for the fourth time.

** Any ally who insists on calling himself a feminist against the wishes of the very group he’s purporting to support, isn’t.  No fighting about this in the comments.  I don’t want to hear your excuses.  I just want you to figure out how to be an ally.


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  1. Arguing « WhyI’mbitter’s Weblog said,

    […] Especially when they think it’s fun, or a joke, or any other inane shit they can say.  (see here)  It’s not fun to me and it never will […]

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