Defensive Response

January 23, 2009 at 1:00 pm (emails, Giant Babies, idiots, office) (, )

At work a couple of months ago an email thread was going through our team on birthday cakes.  The team health nut sent a long email about calories and healthy eating etc etc and another male in the team decided to turn the conversation to sex. 

People in the team reacted as you would expect them to when sex is brought up at an inappropriate time (like in a workplace) and were irritated.  This was his response:

Sorry folks
I was not being smutty
I thought we were all adults

Can everyone see the problem with this response? Apparently because I don’t like discussing sex with older men in my workplace during business hours, I’m not an adult.

Also, why do people insist on adding things to their apologies that make the actual apology worthless? Saying “I was not being smutty” is incorrect. Saying “I did not mean to be a smutty old sleaze” would be much closer to the point. Whatever you MEANT to be, you were being smutty and we objected to it. This is what you need to apologise for.   And the last line of the email shows that you aren’t sorry, you’re just a jerk.

I’ve been holding on to this email since September.  Feels good to finally blog about it.


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