High Heels

February 1, 2009 at 8:27 pm (feminism, idiots)

Friday I wore high heels to work.  This in itself is not remarkable, however it’s possibly the first time I’ve done so without having a pair of thongs under my desk to walk to the shopping centre in.  It’s about a seven minute walk to the shops.  I went in my lunch break in the heels, walked all around do my shopping, walked back to work.  Spent all day walking around work saying goodbye to people, then walked to the pub after work, which was just over ten minutes away.  At the pub I was dancing/walking/standing for the majority of the 6 hours I was there.  I now have these massive blisters on the bottom of my feet.

So not only do high heels restrict your ability to walk, or more importantly run away if needed, they damage your feet so that you can’t do it once they’re off either.  Why do I continue to wear them?  I don’t know.  Post patriarchy I’m sure I won’t.  They’re useless.  Some pairs are pretty (and I do have enough pairs to pick from), but they’re impractical and painful and stop me from being able to defend myself or run away.  About the only thing they’re good for is stepping on people.

I feel like less of a radfem when I have them on.  And I feel guilty for continuing to wear them.


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