February 4, 2009 at 1:48 pm (birth control, Books, feminism, ovaries)

This is a good book.  Go buy it.

It contains some ideas that shouldn’t be classed as ‘radical’ but are in this society.  Simple things that opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

After reading it, I’ve decided to give my body a go at no hormonal birth control for awhile.  Given my recent battles in this area (here and here), I’m sure there will be side effects.  But so far it seems to be ok.  My period pain is lessening and is becoming bearable, so I’m giving it a go without the painkillers too.  This is revolutionary for me.  I use painkillers for absolutely everything and worship at the altar of pharmaceutical companies.

inga muscio’s ideas on how to deal with rapists are also worth some thought.  Absolutely awesome.  As are the business ideas in the book.

Anyone else read it?  No one in my offline life has read it except Nigel.  He decided to read it after I’d finished and I’m impressed with the speed he’s picked up some ideas.  He’s now moved on to Female Chauvinist Pigs, so my turn to read that has to wait til he’s finished.


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