The Dream

February 8, 2009 at 2:16 am (movies, personal)

Tonight I was convinced to watch ‘Enchanted’.  Mostly because my friends put it on and I wasn’t ready to go home.

It’s anti feminist, it’s horrible and it made me sick.


HOWEVER, this one scene, at the end of the movie almost made me cry.

The actors in this scene make it so damn believable it took my breath away.  I want that.  I want to feel that way about someone.

Now, I don’t want to give up my career, my life, my personality etc to get that.  But if I could somehow keep all of me and still have THAT, I’d be set.  If I could have my feminist cake and eat the love one too, it would be perfect.

I don’t have that in this relationship, and I’ve never ever had that with anyone.  I’m not sure it exists in real life, but I want it anyway.

I hate Patrick Dempsey and I STILL want that.

I’m hopelessly beyond all help it appears.



  1. roughseas said,

    That youtube stuff is terrible. Bleugh.

    Have you been reading too many fairy stories?????

  2. The Cinema Hub said,

    It was a so-so movie

    • whyimbitter said,

      Personally I hated the movie. I spent the entire time alternating between mocking it and picking it to pieces using different perspectives. But then that scene came on and something just hit me.

      Just one of those moments.

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