Smh roundup

February 25, 2009 at 9:23 pm (feminism, men hate you, Rapists, smh)

Today I noticed that the number of articles waiting to be mercilessly blogged in my favourites has increased to the point where it would be time consuming to do separate posts.  So, today is the first ever whyimbitter smh roundup.  Hopefully there’ll be more, but I may just give up on the paper before we get to any more editions.  Also, just a warning, this post is heavier on the swear words than normal.  I’m not in a good mood and reading all these articles at once is making it worse.

First article, and it involves the newspaper’s favourite quotable feminist, Germaine Greer.  I’m thoroughly convince that the media has taken to quoting everything this woman says in an attempt to discredit her, and by extension the entire feminist movement.  Because, as we all know, feminism is a movement comprised entirely of people who all think exactly the same on all issues and never differ at all.  But this is all speculation, so to deal with the actual article…

“I had two women police officers come around who looked like cabaret artistes – all fishnet stockings and deep cleavage – and they did not exactly engender confidence.

Now my thoughts are running in two directions here.  The first is that I’ve seen women dressed in empowerful outfits similiar to that described and it makes me despair.  There’s a lot to be said for choice etc etc (don’t start that argument here unless you have something new to add) but I can’t help but feel that this is just another facet of the empowerful sex positive raunch culture that leads to things like ‘pole dancing is empowerful because I choose it!!!!1!!!!’  That this kind of shit is so widespread is proof that porn is becoming mainstream and this is going to do nothing but harm women.  There is no positive side to porn, and any dood or empowerfulled woman who tries to convince you otherwise is deluding themselves.  Also, there should be dress codes for professionalism in any workplace.

HOWEVER, just because two women have bought into the patriarchy so much that they are willingly choosing to dress like empowerful pole dancers does not mean they are not competent.  Judging a woman’s competence level based on her appearance and clothes is the type of bullshit we’ve been putting up with for decades and should not be coming from feminists.  The most we can safely do is fight our damn hardest for this revolution to come, and then women really will be able to choose to wear whatever the fuck they want (sidenote, any bets on how many women really will wear the ‘fashionable’ horrors of today in a postpatriarchy?).  So if that is a true, accurate, and full quote from Greer, it’s out of line.  But she’s human, and as I stated above, the media loves jumping on anything she says to blow out to cause all sorts of shit.  So fuck them.

Second article, and we’ve moved to rape.  I could blog three of these damn articles per day, but I choose to keep as sane as possible.

First thing I noticed in this article is the emphasis on age.  Not sure why they had to go down that path, but they did anyway.  They do get cookies for calling it rape though, they even did it twice.  But the cookies are oatmeal, not chocolate.  Very unimportant sidenote, I live very close to where this happened.  Horrible thought.

“He indicates that in his life he has never been drunk before and he is at a loss to explain his behaviour,” Mr McClintock said.

No radical feminist worth her salt would be at a lose to explain this behaviour.  When society constantly hammers home the idea that women aren’t human and that they’re only here on this Earth to serve you in your needs, this shit happens.  When the line between consenting sex and rape is constantly blurred, this shit happens.  Every single day, everything that the patriarchy does to keep women down is a lead to this kind of shit.  Unless and until we have this damn revolution, this shit will continue to happen.  Entitled douchebaggery leads to all kinds of crap, and society/the patriarchy is big on letting men know they’re entitled to whatever they want, especially women’s vaginas.  Which is not meant, in any way, to let this fuckhead off the hook.  He is still scum.

“He indicates that he does not have any recollection of the event … he expresses his disgust at the event.”

The cynic in me is asking if he’s disgusted because he was caught or because of what he did.

A number of referees vouched for the teenager’s good character and honesty, Mr McClintock said.

Is that a fucking joke???  A woman was attacked and raped.  But people vouched for him having a good character? … I can’t even address this properly because I’m just astounded and angry and ready to scream.  I’d also like to know what factors a judge looks at to determine what the likelihood of re-offending is.  The fact that he’s a male, in a society like this, and has proven he doesn’t see women as human would point to a high likelihood of re-offense from where I’m sitting.

Ok there are three more links waiting to be blogged, but I’m tired, so I’m posting as is and the rest can go in my second round up.


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