T-Shirts That Prove Men Hate You: Part 1

April 13, 2009 at 12:24 am (feminism, Giant Babies, idiots, male privilege, men hate you, T-Shirts That Prove Men Hate You)

We’ve all seen them.  Everywhere.  Those tops that are omg so funny!  Well, they would be if feminists had a sense of humor, right?  Sick of seeing them everywhere and having to endure the eyerolling of my friends when we do, so a new series for WhyI’mBitter.

T-Shirts That Prove Men Hate You

Part 1 will feature the top that sparked the idea when I saw it at the Easter Show last night.

Game OverIt’s not the clearest picture, but the groom has a sad face and the bride has a smile and it says ‘Game Over’.  Just as a very start, if any guy I was dating, or wanting to date, wore this top, it really would be game over.  He would be out the door so damn quickly his head would spin.

Why are shirts like this ever made?  Do people *honestly* think all we women want is to get to the altar?  And that no man wants that?  Is this top really so damn funny to the masses that it needs to turn up everywhere I go?  To be fair, I’ve never seen an actual person wearing it, but I’ve seen it for sale in so many places it must be popular.

At uni last semester a male in class* was whinging about our study of ‘A Married State’ by Katherine Philips and said that not all men are happy to get married either so it’s not fair.  I pointed out to him that all of popular culture, all of advertising etc etc is directed at this idea that men hate their married lives and women love being married.  And, in fact, that that’s all they want in life.  He didn’t believe this was the case.  How can men be so blind to the world they live in and the messages they get on a daily basis?

How many men (and male readers, speak up!) have seen this top before and laughed?  How many have seen it and NOT seen what is wrong with it?  How many remain unconvinced that there’s something fundamentally wrong with a society that’s selling shit like this?

It’s possible I would buy the reverse top.  BUT only because of how skewed our society is in the wrong direction.  Post patriarchy there wouldn’t be any version of this top for sale.  It just would not exist.

Meanwhile, in searching for an image of this top to include in this post, I found plenty more tops for future posts.  Goody.


*This one, for those keeping track at home.



  1. Jezebella said,

    I’ve got a charming one for your collection, tho no pics. A student of mine showed up about a month ago in a homemade t-shirt with the words “stimulus package” across the top and an arrow pointing to his crotch painted down the middle. I told him to turn it inside out or get out and he was shocked – SHOCKED I TELL YOU! – that I didn’t find his sexual harassment high-frakking-larious. “But, but, all my OTHER profs thought it was funny!”

  2. hellonhairylegs said,

    Maybe this is why people are so afraid of same-sex marriage. It will make it harder for people to buy this shit, but as always in patriarchy, they’ll mange.

  3. T-Shirts That Prove Men Hate You: Part 2 « WhyI’mbitter’s Weblog said,

    […] without me on this one, right??) I’m going to repeat a few questions I was forced to ask in Part 1.  Why are shirts like this ever made?  Is this top really so damn funny to the masses that it […]

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