Nice Guy Syndrome

April 14, 2009 at 2:03 pm (arsehats, feminism, Giant Babies, male privilege, men hate you)

Since I started this blog I’ve been meaning to do a post on this.  I know of at least a few readers who don’t know what this is and could do with some education on the matter (because it’s important.).  However, due to my horrible procrastinating I haven’t gotten around to it.  And now, someone else has posted awesomely and I’m just going to link to it to save myself repeating everything they’ve said.

Go Here.

I’m serious, go read it.  It also ties in nicely with my post, Friend or Stalker.  Of which I will have an update on very shortly.  When I have more than two minutes left of blogging time!

hat tip to Hoyden About Town.


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