Time to Get Angry

April 14, 2009 at 1:43 pm (abuse, arsehats, bullying, feminism, men hate you, Rapists)

Want to know why I’m so damn bitter world?

Go here.  If, after reading that, you still need to ask why I’m bitter, don’t bother talking to me anymore because you will never Get It and I don’t have time to explain it.

In the words of Lauredhel *** trigger warnings for Werribee gang-rape ***

Seriously I can’t add anything to this.  I’m too damn furious.


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  1. roughseas said,

    I commented on Lauredhels’ blog. Because it so resonated with a personal friend of ours. 😦

    So to repeat it, ‘the daughter of one of our neighbours – with a physical and mental disability – was tortured, raped and murdered. Not long before that we had attended her happy 21st birthday. 😦 RIP Katy. We live in such a sad society sometimes. Or maybe most times.’

    The Werribee post reminded me so much of poor Katy, trying to be liked and appreciated, and wanted by ‘cool’ friends. And not only did they abuse, rape and torture her, when they had finished with her – pff – they killed her. Absolute scum. Can’t remember what penalty they got, but if I had been on the jury I don’t think my liberal values would have seen much light of day.

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