Confession Time – Front Line Tales 5

June 23, 2009 at 4:05 pm (Dating, personal)

So, I haven’t posted in a bit, but you were all warned beforehand, so I don’t feel guilty about that.  But, there are other things I’ve been feeling guilty about and have avoided posting because I know what the response will be. 

Well, deep breath and here goes nothing

I went back to see B last week.  He asked me out again the day after EN’s grandmother passed away and I needed the distraction, so I agreed.  I went into it with a very different attitude this time, and so did he.  I was defensive, sarcastic and ready for an argument (which was actually not an influence of his behaviour, but a result of my state of mind), and he was kind, funny and caring.  I’d explained to him what had happened and that I wouldn’t be in a good way, and he suggested going out as a way to keep my mind off things, and I knew I needed it.

That’s not the part I have issues confessing, because I’m an adult and I live my own life.  Going out with someone on one night to distract myself is perfectly acceptable as far as I’m concerned.  However staying the night on Friday night and going back and doing the same on Saturday were probably not smart moves.  I’m not going to post about the differences in his behaviour (not right now, anyway) or make excuses or anything like that.  There’s no point.  But things are different. 

On Monday he sent me a message telling me to feel free to invite myself over to his house any night I want to.  If more dating savvy readers want to correct me, please feel free, but from my limited experience* this feels like a big step.  Specifically, a big step away from the casual dating thing, towards the more serious type of stuff.  Am I wrong? 

I did invite myself to stay at his house again on Wednesday night, after the funeral.  Another night when I needed a distraction, and he came through on that front again. 

So from this I have a heap more blog posts to put up on different dating related things, however a few of my posts going forward will be password protected (as are a few of the past ones in case anyone’s noticed).  This is due to the increase in the number of people in my real life reading this blog. 

Anyone is welcome to contact me for the password, and in most cases I’ll be more than happy to provide – I want readers! 🙂  Don’t assume this post is about you if you do happen to know me in real life, chances are it’s not.  On the other hand, if I don’t give you the password, don’t be offended – some things are private.

*read: none



  1. Hendo said,

    I’d like the password – do I need to email you?

    Also, I think yes, staying overnight can be a step away from casual dating.

    I’m interested to see why you think things are different. People can put on different masks but still be the same idiot underneath.

    • whyimbitter said,

      I’ve emailed you the password Hendo

      staying overnight was a mistake. One that I repeated on four separate occasions.

      I will put up a post about why things were different eventually. I’m just wary of coming across as defending him or as making excuses for his behaviour. Once I get that sorted in my head, I’ll be ok. And once I sort out whether I’m in this seriously for a relationship with B, or whether I’ve had the distraction that I need and now I’m ready to move on, I’ll find that post easier to write.

      A friend said she’d be making copies of these posts to make sure I don’t delete them. That’s probably a good idea in case we do make this a relationship thing.

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