One Track Mind

June 25, 2009 at 1:08 pm (Dating, personal)

The majority of my posts lately have been on dating.  This can make for a very boring blog to those of you who are not particularly interested in the hetero normative exploits of a twenty two year old dater.  Sorry about that.

Once I get this stuff sorted out in my head, and once my life slows down a bit*, I will return to blogging about a diverse range of topics.  Until then, feel free to offer comments on how bored you are.  It may just motivate me to uncover some new areas to blog about.

Also, the first of the new password protected posts is up.  If you request the password in comments I will send it to you in an email.  I know it’s annoying, but there are some things people in my life don’t need to read about.  And current workmates who read this definitely don’t need to see what’s in that first protected post.  As you will realise once the rest of you read it.


*HA! I’ve been saying this for almost a year now…



  1. Violett said,

    I’d like to read your new post on dating. Is this how I request the password?

    • whyimbitter said,

      Yep, that’s how 🙂

      email sent – subject line is ‘Password Request’ in case it ends up in your spam folder.

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