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June 25, 2009 at 11:41 pm (Uncategorized)

This is terribly cliched, but I couldn’t resist a post on the terms that are leading people here.  It’s fascinating!*

So there’s a lot of search terms involving words like ‘hormones’ ‘birth control’ and ‘hair’ and any combination thereof.  Those haven’t slowed down much, even with my lack of posts on the subject recently.  It’s amazing how little information there must be out there if people are coming here for it.  That worries me.

Interestingly, someone got here by searching for ‘anti-children’.  I do hate kids, but I didn’t think I’d written that anywhere here?  Maybe my attitude just comes through in what I say.   Other searches in the random category: “beer bottle in mouth”, “guys hate shopping”, “beautiful forum” and “defensive response” — the last one was a result from before my recent post on my defensive responses, which is the random part.

The first t-shirt post gained a lot of views by people who were clearly looking for that exact tshirt, for whatever reason.  Various combinations of “overheard conversations” and “office” repeated themselves a few times, and I’m tempted to post a few more randomly overheard conversations.  I know personally I love reading snippets of these on other people’s blogs, so maybe I’m not as random and weird as I thought I was?  Also, have had people searching “radical feminism theory” and ending up here – not good given I don’t discuss it at all.  Maybe I should throw up a few links to direct them onwards to more intelligent blogs?  I’d hate someone to miss out on an education because I’m not particularly into writing about the theory heavy stuff!

And the worrying searches: the number of people searching on some variation of “trapped in a relationship”, “controlling men”, and even one that said “kiss me if i did what he wanted controll” concerns me.  I hope these are search terms of people with a vague passing interest in the topic.  My imaginary happy place does not need to know that people out there are facing these problems for real.  My practical side has a few link round up posts planned to direct the readers with real problems on to sources that can actually help them.

The final term of interest, and my personal favourite, was “man hate”.  You’re damn straight I have some man hate going on.  They make me bitter.


*to me!



  1. Jezebella said,

    I posted about that faux-feminist douchebag that assaulted a woman like a year ago, and called it “this is what a rapist looks like”, and to this day, I must get half my hits from people searching “what does a rapist look like”. It’s kind of depressing.

    • whyimbitter said,

      Tempting to make a post entitled ‘this is what a rapist looks like’ and just write:
      any man you walk past on the street.

      Of course that’s likely to offend and pull the tolls out of hiding. But that’s something I’d be willing to deal with I think.
      Also, a siginificant number of hits have started coming through for variations on the ‘controlling men’ thing. I’m not sure if it’s people looking for info on how to control men, or info on men who are controlling, but either way it’s concerning.

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