This Shit Just Got Petty

July 2, 2009 at 4:32 pm (arsehats, Dating, Giant Babies, idiots, personal)

Well after the events in this post, I was left confused.  I tried calling him on Monday morning and he was busy, so we left it.

I sent him a message telling him to let me know when a good time to call would be and he replied to say sounds good.  Twice that day I made suggestions for a next time to see him and got no reply.  By Tuesday night, 24 hours after the second and final suggestion, I decided that even if he wasn’t done with this*, I was.  Way too much effort, not enough of a payoff, and to be honest, I don’t particularly like him all that much.

So a message was sent advising him I’d be there at 6:30 Wednesday night to pick up my stuff.  Some people suggested just turning up and not giving him any warning, but I can’t do that.  I was attempting to be an adult about this and to give him the chance to do the same.  He didn’t reply to that message either.

Is anyone surprised that he then wasn’t home when I turned up?  Or at least, if he was home he was ignoring my phone calls and not answering the intercom.  I can’t get to his front door without him buzzing me into the apartment building, so if he ignores the intercom I’m stuck.

So I drove the forty minutes it takes to get to his house for nothing.  Right in this moment, I’m furious.  I have not been this angry in months, and it feels good to be back.  No more depression or panic attacks or anxiety, just cold hard anger.  No more uncertainty or questioning and confusion.  Just fury.  I’ve missed this.

And now I just need to decide where to go from here.  Every couple of hours another plan formulates in my head, and a close work friend has suggested sending someone over for me, having a neighbour buzz them in, then asking him for my stuff.  This method is a bit annoying to me because it’s not very satisfying.

Also can’t help feeling it’s kinda my fault this has happened to some degree.  If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas and all that.  I knew he was a dick and I voluntarily went back there.  And then I voluntarily left things there (even if not on purpose, the point is still valid.).  But this just makes me angrier, and he makes a good target for my anger.  Also a deserving one.

*And to be honest, ignoring my smses is a pretty sure sign that he is done with this.


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  1. nealm said,

    “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”– William Congreve

    It is good to know that we are vulnerable and be able to completely feel okay with it. To me fury says we care about relationships and that we honor it. As fire can either warm or burn, so does fury either burn this relationship or warm us for (and warn us of) the many good ones that may follow. I don’t know if I make sense but I was just compelled by your succinct words to give my 2 cents on this. Hope you’re feeling better now..if not, then soon.

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