Mini Post – Dating 7

July 21, 2009 at 9:38 pm (Dating, personal)

Not much to report tonight, but thought I’d post an update for those people avidly following my love life from their computer screens.

Sunday went well. I had a nice time (and won) and he didn’t piss me off or raise any red flags, so that’s always a bonus. He’s the type of guy I can be comfortable around, and I’m always relaxed and happy around him, so that’s a plus.

He did lots of nice little things to get bonus points too. After we paid for a round of mini golf, they told us to grab two balls and he was standing next to the bucket and he specifically grabbed a pink one for me. I thought that was nice 🙂 And later on we were driving in his car and his favourite band – one that I happen to despise – was playing on his cd player and once he realised he switched it over to something else out of consideration for me.

So overall, a nice, considerate guy that I can be relaxed around and have fun with. Anyone who knows me realises how big a kiss of death that sentence is. We have some vague plans for some vague night this week, but I’m not sure how much longer this will drag on for.

And as for needyboy (or creepyboy as another friend renamed him), he’s gone way too far. He seemed to back off a bit and he did seem like a good match at first, so I eventually agreed to meet him for coffee on Wednesday. On Saturday night he started obsessively messaging again, including one asking me how a concert he knew I was at was going. WHO ANSWERS SMSES IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONCERT?! Sunday we sent a couple, then I stopped responding because H was at my house and it would have been rude. Monday morning he sent me one and I was busy at work so it was put on the backburner. Monday night he sent me another message, and I was driving so I decided not to get myself killed by trying to respond to it. At 9:30 he sent ANOTHER one (that’s four for those keeping track) asking if we were still ok for coffee and apologising for being annoying with a sad face. I have to say, at this point, we are NOT ok for coffee tomorrow night, or any night. That is way too much need in one person. I do not need that crap in my life. So I cancelled coffee and used work as an excuse.

We’re down to one now. Let’s see if coffeeguy can redeem all men in my esteem, or if I’m destined to give up on all of them and the whole dating scene altogether.


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