Over it.

July 27, 2009 at 2:00 pm (Dating, personal)

Last night coffeeguy and I went to a movie.  This date had been rescheduled three times at this point.  The first time he had to reschedule due to work, the second was my fault, also a work thing, and then we had plans for Sunday day and he was too hungover so it got moved to Sunday night.  By this point I was really ready to just say ‘forget it’, not out of anger or spite, just from being too tired/busy to care anymore.  But I didn’t and I went.

And the movie was hilarious*, and it was fun and relaxing to talk to him for the half hour beforehand and about ten minutes afterwards.  Sidenote follow up: I paid for both tickets to the movie, he bought me a bottle of water from the candy bar.  That should keep a certain reader happy.   But honestly, I’m so over dating.  I’m exhausted at this very moment because I’ve had five hours sleep and I’m at work.  I’m not going to be making any effort anymore.  If he follows up and asks me out again, and I happen to be free and interested in whatever activity he picks, maybe I’ll go.  But those are some big ifs right there.

There’s no one else in the line up**, and I’m more than happy to just be single without all the dating nonsense for awhile.  Should be a relaxing change for me, although my brother thinks it will only last a week.  Who knows?  All I know is, I’m over it.

Another interesting (to me) sidenote: the movie (‘Drag me to Hell’ for those interested) is about a bank officer who refuses a third extension on a loan.  This naturally led to conversations on debt collecting and our views are incredibly far out of sync.  Which is kind of a problem to me because it’s my job.  So there’s that too.


*unintentionally given it was a horror film…

** yeah, that’s a great way to phrase it right there…


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