Rape is Always Rape, Actually

July 27, 2009 at 9:35 pm (arsehats, feminism, male privilege, men hate you, Rapists)

Wow. I mean, we all knew this kind of attitude existed – feminists have been calling people out for this shit for years.  Doesn’t mean I’d expect to see a Judge come out and say it.  On the other hand, at least with this crap so blatant and out in the open we have a better chance of fighting it.

From the article:

A JUDGE has questioned if a man who had sex with a drunken woman after she passed out should be “marked for the rest of his days as a rapist”

In short, yes.  Longer:  Ab-so-fucking-lutely.  Because he IS a rapist.  So yes, he should be marked as one.

..describing it as a “technical rape”

I wonder if somebody robbed the judge while he was passed out drunk one night, would he call it a “technical robbery”.  There is no such thing as “technical rape”, “grey rape” or any other kind of blurry line.  There is only rape.  So STFU

In the South Australian District Court yesterday, Judge David Smith said he was “troubled” by the case of Matthew James Sloan.

Yeah Judge David Smith, this case troubles me, too.  It troubles me that a woman was RAPED.  It troubles me that Matthew James Sloan will get a lenient sentence because you are a douchebag.  It troubles me that you can get away with saying this sort of shit without being immediately smacked down for talking crap.  It troubles me that this sort of shit happens on a daily fucking basis.

“Rape is a horrible offence . . . I suggest that this is a technical rape,” he said

And I suggest that you’re a fucking idiot.  Rape is a horrible offence.  ALL rape, ALL the time.  Your suggestion is overruled.  Keep your stupid opinions to yourself.  Matthew James Sloan broke the fucking law and you need to do your job and sentence him for it.  End of friggin story.

“To mark this man with the grave offence of rape for the rest of his days will stop him travelling to some countries and prevent him getting jobs.”

For the record, the perp actually pleaded guilty to rape.  He admitted guilt.  What more does it take to get convicted in this fucking patriarchy??

The victim fell asleep during foreplay and this dick proceeded to rape her.  How much clearer do the lines between consent and no consent have to be?  SHE WAS UNCONSCIOUS.  It’s enough to make me throw the towel in and walk away from all of humanity sometimes.  oh, but the woman was “heavily intoxicated” so maybe she got what was coming to her for daring to be drunk in public.  I hate the world sometimes.

I can’t bring myself to go on about this anymore, but two more telling quotes from the article:

Prosecutors had asked he receive at least a suspended jail term for his crime. However, Judge Smith said that might not be an appropriate penalty.

“I would put this offence at the lower end of the scale because the (sex act) began as a consensual one before the victim passed out and became incapable of consenting,” Judge Smith said.

… just…. ARGH.



  1. roughseasinthemed said,

    😦 Actually I think I need the vomit symbol, preferably all over the arsey judge.

    A sad, depressing, distressing story.

  2. get all the facts! said,

    i was at the trial. t
    he digital penitration (already occuring beforehand) only occured twice and he wasn’t even sure at this point if she was passed out! it wasn’t until after she wasn’t reponding that he was sure that she was and this is what he admitted to the police and because of this he is labeled a rapist! in a matter of two seconds this mans life was ruined!
    and one question anyone with half a brain would ask themselves, how did she know it accured whilst she was apparently passed out?!
    i could also answer that one because i have also read the original statement she gave the police… she “pretended to pass out”!
    get your facts straight before you judge!
    if he was a rapist in the true sence of the word wouldn’t he have done more then just digital penitration?! and only twice for that matter?!
    we’re not talking about someone that set out to rape a girl here.
    you can always rely on the media to leave the important bits out!

  3. Mark said,

    i honestly think your tirade of ill informed mental banter about this case comes from the lack of legal experience or knowledge by yourself and may i say the lack of actual full testimony being available to you.

    you appear to lack any worldly ethics but definitely have a chip on your shoulder.

    you have made a judgment from what you have read in the newspapers…pity anyone who stands in front of you while you are in jury service.

    this is far from an open and shut case my friend. always keep an open mind!

    best you obtain a copy of the full court transcripts before making a further goose of yourself, then spend 10-20 years in the legal profession…

    perhaps then you maybe able to offer a reasonable opinion.

    the court in my opinion is taking the correct steps to ensure justice is served in this particular case.

    best of luck

  4. feministatsea said,

    Yo fact and Mark, get your own damn facts straight. If the guy wasn’t sure she was passed out he is a rapist. Consent means that both parties involved say yes to a mutually consensual act, out loud and without being under influence of anything. If you do not have a clear and loud and enthusiastic “Yes!”, then you are raping the person you are with, if you proceed with sexual acts. It’s that simple.

    Yes means yes and is not the absence of no. This women is completely within her right to sue this piece of shit, who raped her, all the way to hell. The moment he decided to proceed without her clear and conscious consent he became a rapist. If you don’t want the label rapist, don’t rape. You morons!

  5. get all the facts! said,

    He admitted to having performed digital penetration a “couple of times” before he realised she was passed out. Whilst he was doing it he did not know, but because he admitted that there was the possibility of her having already passed out before he had realised, he was charged with rape.
    This is not a person who set out to rape another or force another against their will. He has co-operated with the police 100% and was honest about everything even at the risk of causing himself more trouble.
    Are you so narrow minded?!
    I’ve had someone force themselves onto to me and I know what rape is! There is a big difference between real rape and what this guys is being charged for!
    It makes me sick to think that because of people like her real rape cases will no longer be taken as seriously!

  6. feministatsea said,

    Like I said, if he had opened his dumb ass mouth and talked to her, he would have known whether or not she was unconscious. Please learn how to read, before attempting to respond.

    And for the record there are very few rapists who consider themselves rapists. But the fact is that he did rape her. Not paying attention to what you are doing to other people does not excuse a crime.

    If I accidentally backed my car into someone, it won’t matter that I had not seen that person. It’s my damn job to pay attention to where my car is going and if someone is walking there or not. I would be responsible for the hurt I have caused that other person. Cooperating with the police does not make you any less guilty and btw not cooperating with a police investigation is a crime too.

    Any rape is a real rape. If you haven’t got active consent, it’s rape. I don’t excuse anyone no matter how nice they are to the police afterwards. Rape is always rape.

  7. get all the facts! said,

    so i’m guessing you lay there and tell your partner over and over again he has you permission and that you’re awake then.
    get a clue!

    • whyimbitter said,

      ok seriously?? If you can’t tell that your partner is awake and consenting during sex then something MAJOR has gone wrong. I don’t need to tell someone over and over again that they have my permission and that I’m awake, it’s fairly obvious.

      And actually, I have fallen asleep once or twice before after consenting, and my partner stopped and went to sleep also.

      • Jacqueline said,

        I realize this is a year or so late, but I can’t tell when my partner is awake when we have sex.
        I am female and he has what some people endearingly call “sexsomnia” or, he’ll fuck me in his sleep and have no recollection of it upon waking.
        He even has his eyes open and sometimes talks to me.

        Is my enganging in sex with him without his consent rape? How am I to know?
        He refuses to tell me he’s awake, so I’ve quit asking.

        Am I a rapist? He’s the one who initiates sex, but gives no consent, and is unconscious. There is an absence of a “no;” there is no “yes,” either.

        Just something to think about. Sometimes you can’t tell.

      • feministatsea said,

        I am sticking to what I said before, if you can’t tell then you don’t have consent and you should really back off, otherwise you are a rapist.

        Jacqueline, if your boyfriend “can’t control himself” then he should not be in bed with you. Instead, he should see a doctor about this, or possibly a therapist. It’s like a person with an alcohol problem trying to drive. There is no excuse for drunk driving, so why should there be an excuse for “unconscious” rape.

  8. feministatsea said,

    I really don’t see the point of having sex with another person when there is no reaction, besides the fact that it is illegal. When having sex with someone else, part of the fun is how the other person responds to you.

    If you don’t care about the reaction of another person or about hir pleasure as well as your own, than the other person is nothing more than a set of parts to play with. That’s pretty dehumanizing and fucked up beyond words.

    Believe me, I always know whether or not my partner is awake and actively participating in the sex acts. How could anyone possibly not know? That just sounds like a lot of bullshit to me. I believe the guy knew she was not conscious and that he simply lied about it. Otherwise, why the hell was he not simply using a toy instead.

    And I do apologize for being insensitive earlier. Your experiences with being raped, though different, are no less valid than those of the woman described her in the post. Your body is your own and yours to decide what to do with. No one has the right to force you to do anything you don’t want. So I am sorry for responding the way that I did.

  9. rosy one said,

    if she did not consent she was raped. he obviously has a good legal team. she apparently does not.

    how many others has he treated in this way?

    often this sort of thing is a pattern of behaviour.

    remember his image/name and take care.

    sounds as if he will not get a penalty. this is not uncommon in adelaide.

    yes i read the sentencing remarks often when i can.

  10. Jack said,

    She consented to him prior to their sexual activities and then supposedly passed out during their romping.

  11. TILDEY said,

    So she wasn’t asleep she was just pretending. If she had said no then it would be rape but she didn’t so it isn’t. She originally said yes, was awake all the time and never said no. Not guilty your honour and any of you feminist morons that say it is really need to take a look at yourself or perhaps thats the problem. Rape is an abhorrent act and people need to be punished for it but this wasn’t rape.

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