October 16, 2009 at 11:52 am (personal)

Interesting* random story from my life.  I’m terrified of annoying people.  I hate being seen as an annoying person (probably because I am quite annoying 🙂 ) and this influences my actions and behaviour in most situations.

I’m talking about friends here, not strangers.  People in my life that I know, but am not in a comfortable rhythm with.  There are some friends (this would include you, K) that I call repeatedly until they deign to answer my call.  Gotta love that redial button.  There are friends that I call whilst drunk at 2am to have a total whinge about an argument I just had at a party.  And then I hang up on them mid conversation and go back to the party.  (sorry K! lol) 

But with friends I’m not 100% comfortable with yet?  No way.  I hate calling them because I hate to interrupt their day/life.  I hate when they miss my calls cause it feels like it could be an irritation in their day.  I hate messaging them first.**  I hate doing anything that would be annoying or come off as needy. 

I think I react like this because I AM a needy person.  And that sucks.  I don’t want to be needy, and I don’t want to be annoy someone to the point that they stop talking to me.  Or wish that they could stop talking to me.

I kind of miss out on a lot of things this way, so possibly, now that I know how much I’m over reacting in most situations, I hope I can stop it in future.

 You may have noticed, but there’s not much point to this post and it’s possibly not very interesting to people who don’t know me, but I was thinking about it and wanted to post it.  So  there it is 🙂



**I hate saying hi if I happen to run into them while we’re both on dates at the same place…


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