Where do trolls come from?

October 17, 2009 at 11:29 am (arsehats, idiots, Rapists)

I’ve never had an official policy on comments for this blog, because I’ve never needed one.  I’m still not going to implement one, however the following comments were never, ever going to be approved to be published.  They will be posted here, though, just to make sure no one misses them.

If any of you feel like letting jjhatts know what you think of their shit, feel free.  I’m not sure they’re worth the time, but someone certainly needs to wake this troll up.

On a post about unacceptable use of endearments by strangers:

Is bitch acceptable?  Would it be offensive too you if I asked if you wear panties everyday at work? If it would, then I’m not asking. Also do you hang out every once in a while after work at any particular place? I’ll let you buy me a drink.

On the post about being asked to be a fill-in receptionist:

Did he tell you specifically that he’d like you too work customer service for a little while because you have a vagina, or do you just THINK the world revolves around your vagina?

And the one that really proved this *person* is an utter scumbag and total troll, from the ‘Rape is always Rape’ post:

She took her clothes off, she wanted too fuck. No means no, she didn’t say no, so they fucked. If I’d been there I would have gone for sloppy seconds.

For the record jjhatts, you’ve been added to the spam queue and your comments will not be approved on this blog.  Take your ball elsewhere to play.


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