It’s Official

November 27, 2009 at 2:03 pm (Dating, personal)

I have officially sold out, on so many different levels.  I am now ‘officially’* in a relationship.  Coffeeguy (who shall be referred to as ‘C’ from here on out) and I finally managed to get our acts together.  It only took four months of dating for us to reach this point, but hey, maybe that’s what I needed.

So, I lasted exactly 8 months without officially having a boyfriend, but the majority of that time was spent dating and hooking up at parties.  I think actual single time would be about 2, possibly 3 months, max.  Turns out I’m not so capable of being single and independent after all.

And C is fantastic, for the record.  But he’s not the most feminist friendly person I’ve ever met.  I have, in fact, heard him utter the word ‘feminazi’ on one occasion.  So I’m trying to work through my/his^ issues there.  However, he is kind and considerate and pretty much awesome, so I believe he has the capacity to learn.  And in fact when I pointed out the inherent sexism in a riddle he was telling the other night, he seemed to understand it from a new point of view.  So yay.

But anyway, taking things slowly at the moment.  And no, there won’t be a whole bunch of blog posts on him because it doesn’t feel right.  When/If this ends, I have plenty of blog fodder.  For now though, I’m keeping it out of here because I feel like it would be a mistake.


*It’s on facebook, that’s how you know it’s official

^Your perspective on exactly whose issue this is will vary.


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