Quickie – Calendars

November 27, 2009 at 1:49 pm (feminism, personal)

My life, at the moment, is incredibly hectic.*  Whilst browsing for Christmas presents online (during my lunchbreak because I have no other time to do this!), I found an awesome site with lots of awesome calendars on it.  This is when it occurred to me that having a super awesome organiser calendar could improve the quality of my life.

Except, all the super awesome organiser calendars have the word ‘mum’ in the title.  WHY?!  There’s so many different things wrong here.  Why is the mother the one automatically in charge of organising the family?  Why is it assumed that if you’re busy and need organising tools, you’re a mother?  Why can’t single people need the help?  Why can’t childfree people live busy hectic lives?

And, finally, why is this only one little, tiny example from a much bigger and more widespread problem?  Why can’t this be the biggest issue in my day?

Also, if any of you know of any super awesome organiser calendars, send me a link?  thanks! 🙂




*and yep, that’s why there have been no blog posts recently, oh observant ones.


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