Return from the front line – Part 8

February 28, 2010 at 2:06 am (arsehats, Dating, personal)

It was harder this time.  I somehow managed to delude myself entirely about what was going on in the relationship, while at the same time I slowly started to lose different parts of my identity.

I let him treat me like crap for the three months, and I didn’t notice this until after we broke up.  And even then, it was other people pointing it out that finally woke me up to it.

In the two weeks since we broke up, I’ve spent a lot of time with friends, I’ve gone out more than usual, I’ve been drunk more often than I’d care to admit on a public forum, and I’ve had more fun and been happier than ever.  But I still have some unresolved issues to get out and I’m hoping this will help.

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Hello :)

February 27, 2010 at 11:14 pm (Dating, personal)

So… I’m back.  Tail is firmly between my legs, head is bowed, and a look of shame covers my face.

But I returned anyway!

This newly single blogger is back to what she loves doing and I hope you’re all still around to read whatever I type.

Things with C (who, from this point on, shall be known as dickhead) didn’t work out.  But in true whyimbitter style, they SPECTACULARLY didn’t work out.  I will, of course, be writing about all our issues in great detail at a later date.  It’s going to be hard to go through because it’s still quite fresh and because I’m embarrassed and ashamed about the way I let him treat me.  On the upside, it only took me three months to stand up for myself and get rid of him.

I am definitely enjoying being single, though.  I have been out almost every/day night since the break up and I’ve never been happier.  I am surrounded by awesome friends and family who love me and don’t treat me like crap.

So, basically, I’m back and I hope I still have some readers left after my hiatus. *waves* missed you

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