What if it was your sister/mother/daughter?

September 28, 2010 at 12:12 am (cliches)

Can we talk about this question for a minute?  How often do you hear this in an effort to encourage others to act against an outrage?  Or to explain why they acted?

Shouldn’t it be enough that it’s a human being?  Do you really need an actual blood connection to someone to care when bad things are happening to them?

I see this all the time and it’s a major pet peeve.  It also happens when news outlets report on major disasters, at least in Australia.  We always get told exactly how many Australians were impacted, with less focus on the total number of humans affected, because obviously it’s more important to know how many people from your country were affected, and never mind those pesky foreigners.

And hey, no one messes with the women in *my* family.  If it happens to someone else well, that’s their problem isn’t it?  Women?  Not so important.  One of my women?  That’s just not cricket, sport.

Anyone else notice this and get annoyed, or is it just my sleep deprived brain looking for an argument?


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Body Issues

September 28, 2010 at 12:00 am (Uncategorized)

I have a new job since last time I was posting (and I’ve moved twice – not the most stable person in the world), and some people at my new job are certainly proving to be interesting…

My supervisor went home sick last week because she was throwing up uncontrollably.  About an hour after she left, the woman who sits next to me said she was jealous of the lucky b*tch because of how much weight she’d lose from throwing up.  I surely thought she was kidding and asked as much and for my efforts I received a lecture about how much weight she’d gained since quitting smoking.

So to recap, a fifty plus woman at work* quit smoking for health reasons, gained weight, and is now jealous every time someone else gets sick enough they start throwing up and can’t eat.

What on earth is wrong with society???


*I mention the age because by the patriarchy rules, she’s past her ‘use by’ date and therefore her looks don’t matter anymore.  It’s not how I think, I’m trying to use their mindset for a minute.

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More Dating issues, or Why Do I Even Bother?

September 27, 2010 at 5:38 pm (arsehats, Dating, office, personal)

I officially decided a couple of months ago that I’m ready to start dating again after coffeeguy.  Still trying to work out why I even bothered.  (And to the few readers that I have left, sorry if you thought there would be less dating posts these days)

So, in no particular order…

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Betrayed and lost

September 27, 2010 at 8:11 am (arsehats, idiots, personal)

I had a friend.  He was kind of my best friend.  I could always count on him to say exactly what I needed (not wanted) to hear, and be there when I needed it.

When I was having issues with my sleeping (depression related – symptom of a bad relationship then a bad break up), his house was the only place I could get a full, decent night’s sleep.*  When I hit my absolute lowest point and just did not want to bother anymore, it was his house I went to, so I could give up the need to be responsible and just let him take over for a while.  And it went both ways, obviously.  I was there for him all the time too, and did whatever I could to help him get his life on track and sort through stuff.

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