What if it was your sister/mother/daughter?

September 28, 2010 at 12:12 am (cliches)

Can we talk about this question for a minute?  How often do you hear this in an effort to encourage others to act against an outrage?  Or to explain why they acted?

Shouldn’t it be enough that it’s a human being?  Do you really need an actual blood connection to someone to care when bad things are happening to them?

I see this all the time and it’s a major pet peeve.  It also happens when news outlets report on major disasters, at least in Australia.  We always get told exactly how many Australians were impacted, with less focus on the total number of humans affected, because obviously it’s more important to know how many people from your country were affected, and never mind those pesky foreigners.

And hey, no one messes with the women in *my* family.  If it happens to someone else well, that’s their problem isn’t it?  Women?  Not so important.  One of my women?  That’s just not cricket, sport.

Anyone else notice this and get annoyed, or is it just my sleep deprived brain looking for an argument?


1 Comment

  1. nightgigjo said,

    It’s really not just you. That argument (not MY [insert token female person here]) is all about reinforcing the idea of women as property.

    It makes my head thoroughly splodey.

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