Glass Half Full

October 7, 2010 at 10:48 pm (cliches)

I’m not a positive person.  I am a smiley, bubbly, mostly cheerful person.  I’m also a total stresshead with no patience and very low tolerance for getting treated like crap.

The thing is, if I’m telling a story, or venting, or trying to get something off my chest, and your response is ‘try to see the positive side’, or ‘be a glass half full person’ or anything along those lines, you are Missing The Point.

I KNOW what the positives are.  If I’ve had one bad day at work, I’m still aware of all the good things about my job.  If we’re coming up with a list of reasons to stay vs reasons to leave, awesome.  But if I just need to vent, your positivity does not help.  It’s frustrating, annoying and makes me want to punch you in the head.

This has come up a number of times recently, mostly with boys.  I can’t stand it.  And if you really do go through life only looking at positive things, I cannot even begin to imagine how you get anything done.  Or how you don’t just walk around in constant disappointment all day.  At least when I walk into a situation, I’m aware of the good and the bad, and I’m not focusing on either.  Just weighing it all up to see what’s going on.

So, positive people?  Just stop please.

Same with anyone who says ‘agree to disagree’.  Do not want to hear that anymore either.


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