Internet woes.

August 27, 2008 at 2:43 am (arsehats, computers) (, )

My internet at home is no longer working.  This sucks.  The stupid macho tech guys that I rang to help me fix it were worse than useless.  First, I had to go through not just a voice menu, but a voice troubleshooting guide.  It was so bad and basic it made me cry.  Finally I gave up and said ‘consultant’ to indicate they needed to put a real human being through as soon as possible.  And then they did and I wished they hadn’t.  A smarmy arsed male came on the line and asked if I was suing a router to connect.  As it so happens I am, but I’m computer literate enough to know that it’s NOT the router currently causing the problem.  They don’t care.  He told me that I need to connect the modem directly to a computer or they couldn’t help me.  I tried to explain that this would take longer, and that it doesn’t perform as well on our computers when we do it that.  Mr Man advised that what I was saying doesn’t make sense as computers perform better and the connection would be faster connected directly to my computer.  I hung up on him and went to work.

When I got home, I rang and got a different male on the phone.  I explained to him it was not the router that was causing the problem and that if he insisted on connecting the modem directly to the computer, he would need to talk me through the connection process as neither of our computers are already set up and it’s more complicated than just plugging it in. Dude asked me exactly which lights WERE lit up on my modem.  I told him AGAIN which ones they were and he replied with “well it’s not the router then”  NO SHIT SHERLOCK.  So after asking me AGAIN if I’ve reset the modem, checked all the plugs etc, he said he can’t fix it and he needs to send someone out.

Can you believe it???  Colour me annoyed.


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Computer Products

July 6, 2008 at 11:35 am (computers, pink!) (, )

So, I like the colour pink. I was so happy to find a pink keyboard, mouse and mouse pad at the same time that my mouse died.

Except now I find out that these aren’t really made to be user friendly at all. The more I game the worse the mouse seems. The more I try to type assignments, the worse the keyboard is. The mousepad has many faults, which is odd for a piece of material that sits on your desk and doesn’t do anything beyond that.

So basically us pink lovers don’t do anything super extensive with the computer and therefore only need subpar equipment. No gaming or researching or assignmenting for the vapid pink lovers. Even typing up this blog post is too much typing for my keyboard.

I need to buy new ones after work tomorrow before I go insane, but I sure will miss the pink 😦

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