Very Quick, Minor Follow Ups

September 3, 2009 at 9:33 pm (doctors, personal)

Some things to say:

firstly – to everyone who is finding this blog through searches about controlling men – a better resource is ‘Why Does He Do That?“, but I hope my post is of some help to some of you at least.

secondly – to the reader who asked google “how to date a controling man” and ended up here (if you’re still reading), the answer is you don’t.  Get rid of him and find someone who isn’t a controlling arse.  Or be happy on your own.  Either way.

thirdly – to the reader who asked google “is it rape when i said no and was drunk?”  YES IT IS.  and it breaks my heart that you have to ask google this question.  I blame the patriarchy that such a thing was necessary.  Similarly, “is it rape if you don’t say yes?” YES IT IS.  I hope you’re both still here somewhere.

fourthly – to the person who googled “fuck and rape” to end up here…. wtf?  No, seriously, wtf?

I know it’s been awhile since I posted, but that happens.  Regularly around here actually.  I’m still seeing coffeeguy, who shall now be called C, and I’m enjoying that.  Except for a few minor issues I may or may not explore later.  I’m going to Italy and Spain (and Gib!) soon, and have too much to do in the meantime.  And the depression is getting worse.  The doctor has prescribed anti depressants to start after my trip, and I think the thought of taking them is making the depression worse.  I hate that I’m so weak I need help to get through this.  But there you have it.  In a nutshell, the updates on my life.  More (possibly) to follow.

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A second post on hormones and birth control

July 17, 2008 at 12:44 pm (birth control, doctors, hormones, ovaries) (, , , )

Well, if I’d realised how many hits I’d get from a post about birth control, hormones and hair, I probably would have written more much sooner.


It does not matter how much hair you have. It honestly, truly doesn’t. I promise you that putting your body through hormonal birth control is not worth being hairless. Just, don’t do it.

Ok now on to my personal stuff.

My psychologist seemed concerned that I have a low sex drive. She said at my age (21) it is not normal for it to be almost non existent and I should get my hormones checked. It was at this point I remembered that a side effect of poly cystic ovaries is increased testosterone levels.

So apparently there are side effects no matter what I do. I guess at least without the hormonal injections, I’m letting my body do what naturally happens. And if it’s bad stuff that happens, I can get the causes fixed, not cover up the symptoms with hormones.

I still feel like women were royally fucked when our bodies were made. It’s our ‘women parts’ that screw up the most.


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Doctors suck.

July 8, 2008 at 6:41 am (doctors) ()

I really REALLY wish that doctors would stop asking me if I’m pregnant. Honestly, every visit I’ve made to a doctor that wasn’t MY doctor and wasn’t my psychologist, the question has come up. I get that their job would be so much easier if I was pregnant and they didn’t have to deal with actually diagnosing me, BUT I’M NOT!

The doctor I visited last week asked me, then spent a period of five minutes trying to ascertain from me whether I was absolutely sure I wasn’t. I went in to see the doctor because I have cold symptoms. Last time I checked teh babehs don’t cause your nose to run.

Stupid doctors.

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