Post 2 in a Series

October 4, 2009 at 5:05 am (Nigel, personal, untitled series)

This is the post where I come off the worst, although I don’t think I come off particularly well in any of them.  Post 2 is about EN.  And there should NEVER have been another post on him, so clearly I fucked up.  Big time.

Before I left for Europe, I started missing EN.  I did the best I could to ignore this, despite some strong urges to see him.  Then, my lift to the airport came down with the flu and was unable to take me, something I found out only a couple of hours before I was due to leave, and EN offered to take me.  I gave in to the desire to see him (and the desire to not deal with Sydney public transport with my luggage… yuck…) and agreed.  And it was great to talk to him again; not many people know me as well as he does and even less have known me for the same length of time as him.  The floodgates were opened.

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Post 1 in a Series

October 4, 2009 at 2:15 am (Dating, personal, untitled series)

Hello from Milan! I’m now killing time in an airport hotel until I leave to go home tomorrow. I didn’t have enough time here to actually see the city, but I had too long to sit around doing nothing. And by nothing I mean that assignment that’s becoming quite urgent and really needs to get done. So, I have a new mini-series for you that was inspired by large amounts of time to think whilst on holidays. I’m hoping it remains a mini-series and doesn’t get extended because that would be bad news for me! The best way to read these posts* is individually, forgetting about each until the wrap-up at the end.

Ok, part one: Coffeeguy. And yes, to those avidly following along at home, he has been demoted back to a nickname.

Coffeeguy and I have had eight dates in total, so far. They’ve been pretty good, but he has yet to make a move. At all. Not even a hug goodnight. I’m well aware I should have just done it myself by now, but never having had to before I find myself physically incapable of doing it. I’ve tried to break past this mental barrier with no success. So I wait.
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