Arsehats and Sport

January 11, 2008 at 11:20 am (arsehats, equal opportunity, feminism, sport) (, )

At my office touch football is a feature of Friday lunchtimes for many. I don’t play because I hate sport, but lots of people of both genders do. Today one of the new trainees wandered around level 1 asking for people to get together a level 1 team to vs level 4 people. There’s never been enough people before and fair enough he wanted to give it a go. His deliberate avoidance of any person minus a penis however, was not so fair enough. I sit in the middle of three guys and watching him ask all three while ignoring me and the other women near me made my blood boil. It was just so damn arrogant and everyone else’s casual dismissal of my anger made it worse. One guy went so far as to say ‘it was just an oversight’.

When will they learn that oversights like this aren’t ‘just’ anything? I hope the women on the other team kicked his arse well and good. I certainly came close to doing it, and I wasn’t even on the field.

This is one of those things that shows me why we need feminism. It makes me bitter and it makes me stronger in my commitment to feminism.


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