Link Love

October 2, 2010 at 1:59 pm (feminism, male privilege, Rapists)

I love this post so much I want to print it out and stick it to my wall.  All of my walls.  And hand it out to people I meet on the street.

Read it.

Then stop it.

Then share it.


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The Blame Game

October 2, 2010 at 1:52 pm (abuse, arsehats, bullying, Dating, feminism, office, personal, Rapists)

A few years ago I followed a link and read this by Andrea Dworkin. I was upset and confused about such a strong feminist choosing not to report such a horrible thing to the police. I didn’t understand. And I felt it was my right to judge her, and all of her feminist acts, based on this one thing. I was very, very wrong.

These days though, I get it. I have never been raped (to my knowledge), but I have been in bad situations and haven’t reported any of them to authorities. I won’t report him for drugging me. I won’t report him to HR for causing my work life to be increasingly uncomfortable just because we had a bad date. I didn’t report my previous employer for the harassment and subsequent victimisation they put me through, even though it led to me quitting with no job lined up. And those are only the recent examples. I have a long history of not reporting things, and I feel this will continue far into my future (assuming of course that these horrible events keep occuring to me).

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Where do trolls come from?

October 17, 2009 at 11:29 am (arsehats, idiots, Rapists)

I’ve never had an official policy on comments for this blog, because I’ve never needed one.  I’m still not going to implement one, however the following comments were never, ever going to be approved to be published.  They will be posted here, though, just to make sure no one misses them.

If any of you feel like letting jjhatts know what you think of their shit, feel free.  I’m not sure they’re worth the time, but someone certainly needs to wake this troll up.

On a post about unacceptable use of endearments by strangers:

Is bitch acceptable?  Would it be offensive too you if I asked if you wear panties everyday at work? If it would, then I’m not asking. Also do you hang out every once in a while after work at any particular place? I’ll let you buy me a drink.

On the post about being asked to be a fill-in receptionist:

Did he tell you specifically that he’d like you too work customer service for a little while because you have a vagina, or do you just THINK the world revolves around your vagina?

And the one that really proved this *person* is an utter scumbag and total troll, from the ‘Rape is always Rape’ post:

She took her clothes off, she wanted too fuck. No means no, she didn’t say no, so they fucked. If I’d been there I would have gone for sloppy seconds.

For the record jjhatts, you’ve been added to the spam queue and your comments will not be approved on this blog.  Take your ball elsewhere to play.

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Rape is Always Rape, Actually

July 27, 2009 at 9:35 pm (arsehats, feminism, male privilege, men hate you, Rapists)

Wow. I mean, we all knew this kind of attitude existed – feminists have been calling people out for this shit for years.  Doesn’t mean I’d expect to see a Judge come out and say it.  On the other hand, at least with this crap so blatant and out in the open we have a better chance of fighting it.

From the article:

A JUDGE has questioned if a man who had sex with a drunken woman after she passed out should be “marked for the rest of his days as a rapist”

In short, yes.  Longer:  Ab-so-fucking-lutely.  Because he IS a rapist.  So yes, he should be marked as one.

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Don’t Feed the Trolls

July 14, 2009 at 7:02 pm (arsehats, Dating, feminism, Giant Babies, men hate you, Rapists)

In some of my recent researching, I’ve stumbled across and absolutely love it.  Not every single article is perfect, or stands up to feminist scrutiny, however overall it’s pretty damn awesome.

Now, I know it’s usually considered bad form to respond to a poster on a different site, but given the vile contents of these comments, I’m doing it anyway.

On a post about alternatives to intercourse, ‘Bat Leaper’ came out of the murky swamp where all mras and trolls like to spend their days and had this to say:

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Credit where it’s due

June 4, 2009 at 10:06 am (abuse, feminism, men hate you, Rapists, smh)

SMH did something I never thought would happen: called rape, rape.

Here is an example of an article written properly.  They call it rape.  They call it sexual assault.  They don’t blame the victim.  They do mention she was unconscious from drinking alcohol, but I can’t sense the disapproval.

On another note, this is exactly what I was talking about in my previous post.  (and in my next one once I’ve finished editing the notepad file and actually upload it!)  How am I meant to comfortably go on my date tonight knowing that shit like this happens all the time?  No wonder I sometimes think I hate men.

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Time to Get Angry

April 14, 2009 at 1:43 pm (abuse, arsehats, bullying, feminism, men hate you, Rapists)

Want to know why I’m so damn bitter world?

Go here.  If, after reading that, you still need to ask why I’m bitter, don’t bother talking to me anymore because you will never Get It and I don’t have time to explain it.

In the words of Lauredhel *** trigger warnings for Werribee gang-rape ***

Seriously I can’t add anything to this.  I’m too damn furious.

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The Eleventh Down Under Feminists’ Carnival

April 6, 2009 at 9:22 am (Down Under Feminists Carnival, feminism, racism, Rapists)


It’s finally up! I hope you all enjoyed the free frozen margarita’s yesterday, but just a word of warning – you may need to continue with an alcohol buzz whilst reading this.  Lots of anger making stuff to follow.

In case you were under the impression you’re valued for your mind or success as a woman, Deborah presents an Important memo for women of substance and achievement and Melanie McFarlane presents Guest post by Melanie Macfarlane: When I Grow Up: Taking Career Advice from the TV at Larvatus Prodeo both posted at Larvatus Prodeo. Carol looks at homophobia as a way to keep successful women politicians down in The Hand Mirror: Guest post: We’re all lesbians now: undermining powerful women posted at The Hand Mirror, while over at Hoyden About Town, Lauredhel dissects the misogyny in a speech by Colin Barnett in Fish-wives, Mr Premier?


Deborah draws the line very nicely between consent and not consent in On rape and consent at In a strange land. If only this were compulsory reading for everyone.  Blue milk takes on the unenviable task of looking at Bettina Arndt’s stinking pile of shit regarding sex and marriage in Re-post: Sex to save the family at blue milk as does Richie in Bettina Arndt full of shit; Bear-Pope remains Catholic and opposed to use of portable lavatories at Crimitism.   Tigtog has an in depth post on Rape myths, rape myth acceptance, and community perceptions of victims of sexual violence and Lauredhel has one about a specific case, “My daughter keeps asking if the naughty man is in jail” … and he’s not at Hoyden About Town.


Rachel Hills tackles media representations of body image in A naked woman walks into a bar… and Cosmo asks the patrons to list everything that’s wrong with her body. posted at Musings of an inappropriate woman and Helen looks at a different kind of image in The writer and the cartoonist posted at Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony. Rachel Hills also presents a critique of an Ask Sam post in Could you go a month without casual sex? and a nostalgic look at her love of the “outrageous ones” in Loving Courtney Loveat Musings of an inappropriate woman.


Spilt Milk has a thoughtful post about feminism and motherhood, Feminist mothers, at Spilt Milk . Blue milk has a post on why it’s so important to fight for paid maternity leave, We must not walk away from this fight and one on daring to want to work whilst pregnant, without dealing with sexist comments from misogynistic shits in Pregnancy as public property at blue milk. Lauredhel looks at the different consequences of getting pregnant for different classes in Some women are afraid of being mummy-tracked; others are afraid of being fired posted at Hoyden About Town and mscate discusses breastfeeding at work in Bothersome babies and breast feeding at The Dawn Chorus. At Musings of an inappropriate woman Rachel Hills posts about a Mia Freedman article in The New Young Domestic Goddess: is happiness found in a rolling pin?


Blue milk reviews ‘my little red book’ and examines her experiences while she’s at it in There is always a story in your ‘first’ posted at blue milk.


Unlike the mainstream media, Lauredhel presents an informed take on alcohol intake and breastfeeding in Alcohol and Breastfeeding: NHMRC buys into abstinence-only messaging and takes on “infamous psychiatrist Simon Wessely” in CFS/ME and “faulty illness beliefs”: The incredible hubris of the psychiatro-patriarchal complex at Hoyden About Town. The ex-expat examines the difficulties with being different in our patriarchal society in Daring to be different posted at The Hand Mirror.


Looking Glass Alice tells us why she’s sick of birthing choices being questioned in Looking glass Alice examines birthand parenting in our culture. – Why Freebirth? Aren’t you a little tired of being asked? posted at Looking Glass Alice and Rebekka looks at two events on the “alternative to a doctor when birthing” front in First time for everything posted at Bek’s blog. Lauredhel dissects the data on baby fat and finds nothing to panic about in More confected fat-baby epidemic panic? The “increasing trend” that isn’t. at Hoyden About Town whilst Jule’s post The Hand Mirror: “A mad abortion debate” by Dr Margaret Sparrow counters some anti-abortionist arguments at The Hand Mirror. Nikki just wanted a night out without the shit head comments in What is this? 1950? posted at Tales of the Red Headed Devil Child


Kitsuchi discusses the mythical existence of a female musician in No women on stage, please… at Much Better Sundays and Audrey is pissed off (you should be too!) about the depiction of a netball captain in Blatantly shit posted at AUDREY AND THE BAD APPLES. Fuckpoliteness adds to her Wall of Awesome in And the Martha Gellhorn Wall of Awesome evolves posted at Fuck Politeness. Another great International Women’s Day post is up over at Hoyden About Town by Helen, International Women’s day: On being the Groke and Podblack has a post the vatican’s thoughts on this day, I Was Liberated By A Washing Machine And Yet Excommunicated For Standing Up For My Child’s Rights posted at PodBlack Cat. stargazer struggles with the choice between being right and being happy in The Hand Mirror: rights or wrongs posted at The Hand Mirror. Rachel Hills presents an excerpt from Kathleen Bogle’s book inEveryone hates a slut, but no one knows what one is and explains why Why we’re not that into He’s Just Not That Into You at Musings of an inappropriate woman.  Chally faces difficult questions and decisions in Contextual activism posted at Zero at the Bone.


Made in Melbourne celebrated International Women’s Day with The women I love posted at madeinmelbourne.
Anne Else has a piece up about stripping and stag nights, Back to school, at Elsewoman whilst rayedish works through her religious journey thus far in That’s me in the corner losing my religion posted at The Radical Radish. Kakariki has a new finished tapestry piece to celebrate all the unloved and unappreciated women’s work in our op shops and to ask some questions about land and raise some funds for the Lex Wotton support fund in Oh Sorry, was that your land? posted at Radical Cross Stitch. Rachel Hills presents Not all articles about “hooking up” have to be patronising and alarmist. and also explains why, for her, the personal is political in Sex and relationships: not just silly “women’s business” at Musings of an inappropriate woman and Jo Tamar unpacks sentiments regarding Scholarships and support for indigenous students at Wallaby


And that’s it!  Lots of good reads in there to keep you busy until the twelfth edition planned for 5th May, hosted by Chally at Zero At The Bone.  Submissions to chally.zeroatthebone at gmail dot com for those who can’t access blogcarnival.  And don’t forget to consider hosting a carnival yourself whilst continuing to submit!

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Smh roundup

February 25, 2009 at 9:23 pm (feminism, men hate you, Rapists, smh)

Today I noticed that the number of articles waiting to be mercilessly blogged in my favourites has increased to the point where it would be time consuming to do separate posts.  So, today is the first ever whyimbitter smh roundup.  Hopefully there’ll be more, but I may just give up on the paper before we get to any more editions.  Also, just a warning, this post is heavier on the swear words than normal.  I’m not in a good mood and reading all these articles at once is making it worse.

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smh gets it VERY wrong

January 15, 2009 at 2:36 pm (abuse, arsehats, men hate you, Rapists, smh) (, , , , )

Dear Reporters at smh (specifically, Chris Johnston and his editors, but y’all can feel free to pay attention),

When you are reporting on the rape of a child that spanned four years of her life, starting at age 14, it is NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, ok to report it as a ‘sexual relationship’. 

It is rape.  It is pedophilia.  It is a horrible disgusting thing that should never have been done to somebody, let alone perpetrated by someone in a position of care over the child. 

And no, I don’t care if you were merely reporting what the school friends told you.  Still not appropriate.  It’s not a consenting sexual relationship between two adults.  (Also, given that you didn’t use quote marks around the phrase, you can’t claim you’re just reporting a straight quote).

Get your act together smh.  This is unacceptable and disappointing. 

Sincerely pissed off,

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